Pirathon Vineyard

Pirathon owns and operates two vineyards in South Australia. The Pirathon Vineyard is located in the Barossa Valley grape growing region and consists of 52.14 acres (21.10 ha) of vines, with the earliest block dating back to 1970.
The majority of the vines were planted on their own roots with a diverse range of clone stock and selected varieties used. The varieties planted are Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and a block of Mataro.

The vineyard is irrigated by drip irrigation with moisture monitoring and good drainage. Vintage is from January to February each year, and harvesting is all done by machine. Fortunately, our dry environment normally provides favourable harvesting conditions with little rainfall and above average temperatures allowing for all fruit to be picked at optimum flavour and ripeness.


171 Neldner Road, Marananga, SA, 5355, Australia


Growing Region

Region: Barossa

Sub Region: Barossa Valley

The Barossa is located 65 kms North east of Adelaide. It was given the name Barossa in 1837 by Colonel William Light after a region in Spain where the English had been successful over the French in the Spanish Peninsular War. The region was settled in 1840 by the English but was soon followed by the German Lutherans escaping religious persecution in Silesia and Prussia.

The first settlements were Bethany, Lights Pass and Langmeil (where the Pirathon winery is now). The First Vines were planted in 1843. The Barossa is home to some of the Oldest Shiraz in the world. 160+ years. It is renowned for the Deep Coloured, Richly Flavoured Reds.


Vineyard Size

17 blocks, total 52.14 acres (21.10 hectares). Average 1650 vines per Ha.



Vineyard Elevation / Altitude

230 to 255m above sea level (754 ft to 836 ft)


Growing Soils 

Given the varied terrain, there are a number of soil types. Most common is sandy loam topsoil, with river clay and shale rock with the exception of:

Block 1: Deep red clay soils with Biscay moving towards bottom of hill.

Block 2: Deep red clay soils with iron stone scattered through

Block 3A: Deep red clay under grey loam.

Block 9: Hard Red clay soils with ironstone and shale rock.


Average Rainfall and Temperature


Wines Produced

Pirathon offers four Shiraz and one Cabernet Sauvignon. For a full list of our wines check out what the Pirathon brand has to offer.



Top quality grapes are sourced from our vineyard in north-western Barossa, this part of the Barossa is regarded as one of the finest districts for high quality wine. The grapes for Pirathon Shiraz are traditionally handcrafted in open top fermenters and pressed before maturing in barrel.

Our aim is to run the vineyard as sustainably as possible. Minimal use of water for irrigation, under vine mulching to reduce weeds and moisture loss, mid row cover cropping to encourage microbial activity in the soils and using only organic based fungicides/pesticides are just some of the measures undertaken and all part of the mantra in the vineyard. All water used at the vineyard is sustainably sourced from river water, supplied generally at night by drip irrigation to minimise evaporation. Our canopies are moderate in size to allow for good air flow and minimize spraying.



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